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Unveiling the Urgency: Creating a Safe Haven for Survivors of Sexual Assault in Texarkana

In the tranquil city of Texarkana, beneath the veneer of everyday life, a transformative movement is stirring—a movement to confront the pervasive issue of sexual assault. Real-life statistics underscore the urgency of creating a haven for survivors, prompting Domestic Violence Prevention of Texarkana (DVP) to step up its efforts across a 10-county service area.


Urgent Need: Real-Life Stats Speak Volumes

Recent statistics reveal the alarming frequency of sexual assaults, with an American falling victim every 68 seconds. Even more distressing is the fact that every nine minutes, this victim is a child. These numbers are not just statistics; they represent real lives affected, stories untold, and wounds that desperately need healing.

Behind the Numbers: A Call to Action

Understanding the gravity of these statistics propels DVP to take action. The urgency lies not just in numbers but in the stories behind them—the survivors who have carried the weight of their experiences for far too long. Rebekah Tumblin, DVP's Sexual Assault Coordinator, sheds light on the issue: "Survivors, both men and women, have often gone a lifetime without speaking of their trauma. It's time to change that."

Creating a Safe and Empathetic Space

DVP's support groups are designed to be more than just gatherings; they're sanctuaries for survivors seeking solace and support. By providing a designated space every other week, survivors over the age of 18 can find understanding and empathy. The intentional separation into male and female survivor groups ensures tailored support that respects individual experiences.

Empowerment Through Shared Experiences

The power of these support groups lies in the shared experiences of survivors. By breaking the silence, survivors not only unburden themselves but also contribute to a culture of empathy and understanding. Tumblin emphasizes, "Opening up an opportunity for them to talk about it is a crucial step in the healing journey."

Mark Your Calendar for Healing: Sexual Assault

The first support group meetings are scheduled for Monday and Oct. 17 at 6 p.m. at the DVP main office, located at 424 Spruce, Texarkana, TX. These gatherings mark the beginning of a transformative journey toward healing, empowerment, and breaking the cycle of silence.

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