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Empowering Women: Self-Defense Class Aims to Fight Domestic Violence

In the spirit of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month this October, our transformative coaching company, Creating A Lasting Legacy LLC, is proud to support local nonprofits and businesses in their mission to empower women and combat domestic violence. Together, we are offering valuable self-defense classes designed to teach women how to protect themselves in various situations.

women fight
women fight

Empowering Women through Self-Defense

For some insight, Juliet Lighter-Kamm, the founder of nonprofit WSO, shared her insights on empowering women and girls during an interview with HNN's Sunrise Weekends. She emphasized the importance of educating women on essential life skills, mental health, self-love, and dating violence. The self-defense classes will equip participants with effective tactics. What makes it truly exciting is that all the primary instructor is a Marine Corps veteran who was an instructor trainer for the Marines Martial Arts Program.

Domestic violence is a deeply concerning issue affecting women worldwide. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 1 in 3 women globally has experienced physical or sexual violence from an intimate partner or sexual violence from a non-partner in their lifetime. These alarming statistics underscore the urgent need for awareness, education, and support systems to combat domestic violence and empower women to break free from its cycle. At Creating A Lasting Legacy LLC, we are committed to being part of the solution, offering resources and empowerment programs to help women reclaim their lives and build a brighter future.

Empowerment for All Women

"All women go through that feeling of powerlessness at some point," Lighter-Kamm explained also in the interview. For these classes you don't need to be in the best shape. It's just going to teach you how to feel and be empowered and be able to handle yourself.

The goal of these self-defense classes is to make women feel safer in their communities and give them the tools to protect themselves. It's a step towards breaking the cycle of domestic violence and fostering a community where women can confidently stand up against abuse.

Join us for these transformative events that empowers women to fight against domestic violence. Together, we can create a lasting legacy of strength and resilience.

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